AVELION have developed a gloriously turbulent sound that is uniquely their own. Hailing from Parma, Italy, the band have been tearing venues apart across Europe with their powerful fusion of genres since 2008. In 2011 AVELION released the first studio work: the EP "Cold Embrace". The following year the band started an intense live activity, leading to the great opportunity to play as opening act for Seventh Wonder (with Tommy Karevik, Kamelot).

In 2012 the band released the promotional single "Falling Down" which sees the collaboration with guitarist Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) AVELION's second EP, "Liquid Breathing", was published in 2013. The EP delivers a more personal, modern and mature sound: melodic progressive metal mixed with djent influences, all combined with a strong electronic flavour.

In 2015 the band entered Simone Mularoni’s Domination Studio (DGM) to record their first full length album: "Illusion of Transparency", which was released via Revalve Records in 2017.

In March 2018 AVELION supported the legendary ANGRA in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal. The dates also featured Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime as special guest.

In May 2018 the band released the single "Echoes and Fragments" REMIX featuring the Electro Metal artist The Algorithm. Following a widespread approval from both critics and fans, the band kept playing live opening for Primal Fear, Lacuna Coil and Kiko Loureiro.

At the end of 2019 the band parted ways with the frontman William Verderi. Following the split, AVELION started composing new songs for their next musical chapters.

Alessandro Ponzi

Leonardo Freggi

Riccardo Rizzardelli
Lead Vocals

Oreste Giacomini
Keyboards and Programming

Danilo Arisi

AVELION @ Neushoorn, Lewuwarden (NL)

AVELION @ Festareggio, Reggio Emilia (IT)

AVELION @ Luppolo in Rock, Cremona (IT)


Firestone Cover


In a world marked by chaos and discord, "Firestone" is an emotional anthem that, like the light of a lighthouse in the coldest darkness, incites us to rediscover our deepest essence, transforming every duality into harmony.
The new single serves as a new preview of what AVELION have been working on for the next album, suggesting a multifaceted nature in the band's musical approach.
In this regard the band comments:
“While working on the new songs, it was clear right away that our next album would have shown two different souls. On the one hand there is a more technical and progressive inspiration, with longer tracks and more structured instrumental passages, which you can experience in tracks such as ‘Bound To Blackness’ and ‘Alone In Time’. 'Firestone', however, is the first song fully displaying the aforementioned second nature, our most immediate and melodic vein, where Rick's voice is the epicentre of the composition, with all its emotional nuances. Therefore the new single doesn’t necessarily indicate a change of style, as other songs currently in the works will embrace both directions. Stay tuned because something huge is coming!”

“Firestone” was produced and mixed by Simone Mularoni and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios. Special thanks to Lorenzo William Biocchi for providing backing vocals in the chorus.

Alone In Time Cover


After the release of our latest single 'Bound To Blackness' (June 2022), we consolidated the work done with Rick, our new singer, and this led to the completion of nine new songs.
It has been a long journey, in which we worked a lot, with a very high level of care, not worrying about the modern trend of prioritising quantity over quality. Releasing a new track just to 'trigger the algorithm' is not among our priorities. And our producer Simone Mularoni knows this well, as he guided us through the several production phases of the song: some of them were absolutely crazy! Thanks Simo!
This time the so called icing on the cake is the mastering, handled by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.
'Alone In Time' is a catchy yet multilayered song which shows all the key characteristics of the 'Avelion sound'.
The concept of the song is the cyclical nature of Time, creator of infinite possibilities and at the same time destroyer of everything.
An infinite loop, like Nietzsche's Eternal Return, which becomes geometric surrealism, just like the 'Möbius Strip' so dear to David Lynch.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for their patience and support, we really can't wait for you to hear everything we've been working on! New songs and new concerts are coming in the next few months... so stay tuned!

Bound To Blackness Cover


'Bound To Blackness' is a song that manages to encompass all the main elements of our music: melody, groove, oddly shifting time signatures, electronics, ambient and cinematic arrangements, as well as dense progressive instrumental sections.
We worked very hard in the studio with Simone Mularoni to create a truly original and modern mix, suitable not only for progressive metal fans, but also for power and melodic metal listeners, as well as for djent and modern metal enthusiasts.
We can't wait to take old fans and new listeners on this journey through the different nuances that make up our sound. The concept of the song is open to each listener's interpretation, but there is a message of self development and inner growth, which involves awareness, acceptance and finally overcoming our darkest side.
It's a song about fighting your inner nightmares to find yourself. A journey in which acceptance and redemption are to be sought within ourselves”. Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Simone Mularoni Mastering by Luca Bottoli Cover Artwork by Stefano Mattioni at Viron 2.0


All music written, arranged and performed by AVELION, all lyrics written by Oreste Giacomini and William Verderi.
Produced by Simone Mularoni, recorded by Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studio, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.

Artwork and Photography by Stefano Mattioni at Viron 2.0


Illusion of Transparency Cover

1 • Fading Out
2 • Echoes And Fragrance
3 • Burst Inside
4 • Derailed Trails Of Life
5 • Falling Down
6 • Innocence Dies
7 • Waste My Time
8 • Open Your Eyes
9 • Ain’t No Dawn
10 • Never Wanted


“Illusion of Transparency” is an emotional journey through the fragility and strength of human nature. We think we know everything, but the most transparent things to our eyes, may be the most illusory element. “The introspective lyrics revolve around the human condition: interpersonal conflict, dehumanization and the difficulty that someone could experience while trying to "fit" into society are the themes of the album.” -William Verderi-
“We all live in the illusion of transparency. Just think about the media, the internet and our cognitive bias. Reality is becoming more and more blurred and shady.” -Oreste Giacomini-
“Usually the writing of a metal album starts with the guitar parts, but we instead started from a melodic core. The mission was to find the right sound to merge on the album all the variety we had.” -Oreste Giacomini-
“I think that "Emotional" is the right word to describe this album.” -Danilo Arisi-


All music written, arranged and performed by AVELION, all lyrics written by Oreste Giacomini and William Verderi.
Produced by Simone Mularoni, recorded by Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studio, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.

Artwork and Photography by Stefano Mattioni at Viron 2.0